Wednesday , January 26 2022

Roskomnadzor, Google invites you to join the anti-piracy memorandum


Roskomnadzor has discussed the issue of enforcement of the Russian legislation with Google, the Internet giant. Specifically, this law requires that search engines that work in Runet connect to a single registry of forbidden information and provide no link to the site in this registry.

This law will go into effect on October 1, but so far we have not linked to the registry. A company that does not comply with this measure will be fined up to 500-7 million rubles. Roskomnadzor has already sent Google a notice of completing the protocol on administrative crime. On November 26, the case of administrative fine is scheduled to run for the court.

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At today's meeting, Roskomnadzor's deputy director Vadim Subbotin, along with Doron Avni, a Google representative, discussed the issue of administrative penalties and circumstances. Doron Avni has pledged to offer the proposed mechanism to the Google Corporate Center in California to resolve the situation.

Roskomnadzor also asked Google to join the Russian anti-piracy memorandum. This removes the link to illegal content from the results of search results for copyright holders' appeals.

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