Saturday , August 13 2022

Remedies for heart attack and stroke are fish oil.


This conclusion was concluded by US experts. Before that, I conducted two major studies.

Eventually they found salvation from a heart attack and the stroke was fish oil.

The first study involved 8,000 people. Some of them have taken placebo to maintain their health. The other is a special acid extracted from fish oil. The mortality rate from heart attack and stroke is much lower in the second group.

The second study involved 26,000 people. Some of them administered one gram of new drug separated daily from fish oil. It consists of eicosapentaenic and docosahexaenoic acid. This resulted in a 28% reduction in cardiac arrest in the study population.

Scientists have noticed another characteristic of fish oil. Post-traumatic stress can reduce the impact of stress.

Drugs based on fish oil should also be very safe. In particular, they are useful for people who do not have the ability to include fresh fish dishes in their regular diet.

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