Sunday , April 18 2021

Porsche has a new technology for running in the wet. Video

Porsche has a new technology for running in the wet. Video The system improves security security.

The new sports model generation is equipped with the Porsche Law Mode system, which recognizes a wet surface and you make the car at the road, reports with reference to AvtoDream.

According to the engineers of the brand, the system makes it easier, manageable, secure and fast in the rainwater. Rain Mode automatically detects wet roads and regulates the stabilization and steam systems of a car to improve its stability. The system even warns the sender of the risk of aquaplaning & # 39; find as acoustic figures in front of the front water.

In addition, under certain conditions, the car tells the driver about the need to manually use the Wet Mode system with a button above the center console. At the outset, the software falls under the control of steam and stability systems, adaptive aerodynamics and disturbance responsiveness. Even the after-shift moves to the working position to improve the traction at & # 39; behind.

"The clean mode was designed to send the driver with support supported in humid climates. It does not make a maximum maximum engine and does not maintain speed. – Therefore, it should not be used as insurance to be in full rain. Instead, it should be considered as a help system in a direct sense of the word ", – The main engineer of the Porsche 911 August Ahlleitner.

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If you are driving a Carrera 4S modification, the all-wheel-drive system automatically becomes more empowered. Teenagers from a specification, if a particular mode is active, simply throttle engine torque, and the 8-speed transmission automatically turns on & # 39; a determining circumstance.

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