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Plato Besedin – Elapsed Hero's Time: Stan Lee dies on time.


Plato Beth Dane,
November 14, 2018 07:10 – REGNUM

cartoonist Stanley He died at the age of 95. How many of these names will be in Russia? It depends on your age. Young people in the 1990s know far more than this generation. He embodied their thoughts unless everyone had heard of his name. But every young man in Russia knows Spiderman, Hulk or Iron Man. They were made by Stan Lee.

In the United States, this is a worshiper. As Sir Isaac Newton said, I lean against the giant's shoulders. Stan Lee created a giant for American culture. He is the same as the founder of popular culture. Walt Disney or Andy Warhol. Stan Lee has created a column of Americans growing up. And American culture has long been a global culture. Almost everyone on the planet is growing on a global scale. We all live in America just like Lambstein sings.

The American Dream is probably the most famous term in the world. Canon, a standard that works more effectively than any ideology or doctrine. The American Dream is a pragmatic religion with clear standards. Heaven is not needed after death. Do not take long-term patience. You can receive grace from here.

"There was an American Dream. Secular sanctuary for solitary men"- so I wrote Faulkner, and this principle is clear to all people: the American Dream is striking a red utopia in all respects of the universal justice and equality world, too difficult and difficult to achieve, Bank account, recognition – there is a visible attribute. If you try hard, you can get everything.

However, the American Dream can only be achieved in the United States. Therefore, you have to go there. Or America should be where you live. Well, if there is some oil. And often you do not need military operations to join the American Dream. It is an extension to itself as the best tool for invading the mind and the state. But to prepare for this invasion requires an ideological platform. Its role is to provide a mass culture.

Stan Lee was her apologist and pillar. But you can not blame him. Because he treated his hero as children in his own words. My father can not know how to use it in the future. Even children do not know this.

At the same time, Stan Lee's life is, in many ways, an embodiment of the American dream. He was a descendant of a Romanian-Jewish immigrant. He survived the Great Depression, served in the army, was named playwright, and then he did what he liked. I invented a comic book. First, you capture the world on the page and then capture the world on the TV screen. Stan Lee is the owner of Marvel Empire.

But the tail can also shake the dog. We remember this in a movie of the same name. And the emperor's legacy can be taken away. Paying him a serious salary, releasing him as a cameo from a movie in a marvelous comic book, and controlling it. This is what Stanley did at the end of his life.

But Mr. Lee was not holy. He even painted characters, not Walt Disney. Stan Lee is the author of the Marvel series. Yes, I invented a character and created a canvas, but the artists did everything else. It remained in the shadow. The stories they have drawn are not richer and more prominent. The bank was broken by others. Including Lee.

And yet – almost perfect life, according to the American Dream standard. Stan Lee even died on time. That's why.

The root of many Stan Lee comedy characters is a flaw. So, by the way, in life. Tommy Aomi, One of the most influential guitarists in the world lost their fingers. This led to a new style of production. Mick Jagger If Mick Jagger had not touched the tip of his tongue at school, would he? Defects are not always punishment, and often blessings. The important thing is how to use it.

In cartoon – the same story. Gave spider bite Peter Parker super strength. Over time he began to control her, but at first he suffered. He reluctantly accepted this gift, and it seemed to him as punishment. However, after being suppressed, he directed the city and mankind to be defended. He became a great guardian angel who kept his clear principles. A hundred percent of the villains who dreamed of destroying the world or replacing the world opposed him. Comparison of absolute evil and absolute evil. And I must sympathize with the line.

But the times have changed. Now the hero is not only on the side of good, it is not attractive to bad guys. Conversely, it is attractive. And often the viewers sympathize with the villain who volunteers with the conditional devil.


One example is the movie dock. He talks about a terrible alien who merges with an unfortunate and futile cracker. In fact, as they said before, they are obsessed with the devil. But in this case, this obsession is voluntary. Kreakl kajfuet from the fact that it entered such a fierce army. "We are Venom." They say two monsters and ask people's heads.

Such a new type of hero. He wants to submit to evil forces to avenge all failures. He wants to decide who is eligible to die and who is not. At the same time, the fact that such unions are not equal is completely abandoned in modern interpretation. The power will necessarily depend on the carrier.

"Venom" is also Marvel, but a completely different infernal type. Peter Parker He was a loser but did not take revenge on anyone, and at first he turned his power to the real villains who were afraid of him. Venom is the opposite.

And it is important to remember that the notion of "hero" here means in classical interpretation. In ancient Greece, it means "brave man, leader." In philosophy and ethics it is understood as "a person who has committed self-sacrifice for the common good." This is related to Marvel's old heroes. A hero is new, not a hero at all, and makes self-sacrifice useless. They do not think about common interests. They are engaged in themselves, and only satisfy their ambitions. Where are their courage?

This is another proof of the variation of the American Dream, and it is a world formed around it. Faulkner writes that courage, honor and responsibility disappear and the United States loses its dream. What remains is the belief in the consumer class and its monopoly. The variation of the main character image (both Marvel and generally) is further confirmed.

The age has changed. Heroes of pure essence were no longer needed. On their pedestals, those who were anti-heroes recently climbed. I do not know if Stan Lee likes it. Or just counting the money. But he certainly died on time. Anyway, bad kids give too much trouble and bring much less pleasure.

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