Wednesday , March 3 2021

Photo, video & statistics, Nikita Kucherov's 24th assistant in the season

Nikita Kucherov was the third star of National Hockey League after the results of # 39; the last match. The attack of Tampa Bay only loses Patrick Laine, the 5 goals in a match with Vancouver Canucks and Marc-Andre Fleury – he has three winnings in three matches with a safety factor of 0.65. In four meetings I had 9 effective points for Kucherov – there is never a whole Russian player in the strongest league of # 39; the world.

In the night of Tuesday to Wednesday Tampa Anaheim visited on her side and was decided to extend the three game winning streak. In # two two games, Lightning has its rivals in # 39; The first periods – New Jersey and Chicago in the early 20 minutes destroyed, four bags. With Dax this number did not go – the teams for the first break with the score 0: 0.

In the middle of the handball team, the state of Amalie Arena has to be fully seen – their team failed. Josh Manson was the first to pack, tackled on the nickel roll and quiet Louis Domingue, playing the role of the first number, while Andrei Vasilevski returns from a broken leg.

Do not forget the period of "Tampa" to help someone who did it. In the next attack, "Lightning" Kucherov won the bag outside the "Anaheim" goal, and turned it into # 39; Bokeden Point, the # 18 scored goal shot and recorded with this indicator Alexander Ovechkin. For this performance, the 22-year Canadian dancer, first Russian – for example, in a recent match with Pittsburgh, all his three goals of Nikita, must be able to say the same about three of the last four key points of Point .

It seems that in the third period, Lightning can create and finish the 19th league game. But no. "Anaheim" has initially realized the development of Kucherov – Domingue was lost in space after a storm of # 39; a blue line and Nick Ritchie told the grand pana for a rebound from the board.

And immediately, Tampa's guests are earning a third goal – Domingue waits at the gate in # Dax's position, came on & # 39; the fifth place, and Carter Rowney shouted a rectangle.

In # 40, the remaining time verb "Anaheim" is three times, but most of the & # 39; The "Tampa" this evening did not work at all. "Bliksem" lost with the scout 1: 3 and lost the second line in the overall table of # NHL "Buffalo", the # 39 in # 39; the parallel match to "San Jose". In the next match, Blitzers and Sabers play each other.

Well, Nikita Kucherov remains the most growing Russian tractor in the NHL. Writing a pass to Punt was the 24th in the season – this is one of the best results in & # 39; the premier league. And Nikita's productive range is already seven matches.


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