Thursday , October 6 2022

Ouspenskaya fell in love and was addicted to alcohol because of a problem with her daughter.


Another day, the famous singer Lyubov Uspenskaya became a guest guest of the show "Soft Power" led by Milan Tulipova. In an interview, the actress announced the return of Russian Queen Queen's alcoholism, talking about love for her daughter, overseas migration and health issues.

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya became the first guest on the new Russian TV show.

On Saturday, November 10, the Russian TV channel announced the first public release of the "Soft Power" program with Milana Tulpanova, the show's lead. The new television program tells about the difficult and painful situations that domestic celebrities must face.

The first guest to participate in the new show was the famous singer Lyubov Uspenskaya. As an old friend of Tulipova, the actress did not hesitate to uncover her family's most intimate secret. In particular, Ouspenskaya talked about her mother who died in her childhood, when she had difficulty in giving birth and not having a mother's fever. She told stories about a 64-year-old star, her baby-twins and her beloved daughter. According to her experience, singers do not like souls.

Lyubov Uspenskaya confessed to the audience about pristastiya on alcohol because of the daughters

During the program "Russia Chanson Prima" shared his experiences with hosts and audience about the only daughter of Tatiana. The girl is currently studying and living abroad, rarely happens at home, and Ouspenskaya does not know it. Since she was actually an orphan, the singer tried to do her best for her children, so her departure from overseas was not easy.

Recently, a serious incident happened to her daughter Ouspenskaya. She fell off the bicycle and went to the hospital. However, a more serious problem occurred during my visit to the hospital. During treatment, Tatyana notified her mother immediately of a blood infection.

All these problems can not affect the mental state of Lyubov Ouspenskaya. Singer said alcohol helped her survive this horrible era in her life. The singer has been drinking brandy every day and has been confused by the problem of forgetting itself and accumulating. Now artists fight this habit and spend more time with their daughter.

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