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Ortega Chinkovini – About Zenith, Paredes, Magnuson


Italian Oresty Chinkwini has not torn the Russians club, but in many cases resolved many questions in our football. In 2012, he had come to Fabió Capello, who had been working on a genealogy. And Zateta director and sportsman, after Konstantin Sarsanii.

Chinkvin has never been a member of the public but has always been in the hands of his father, but he has been saying that his word was incredibly important for Cappello, and for the "Zenith" leadership, and for the boss of Russian football.

(RIA Novosti)
RIA Novosti

It is interesting that Orest International has not been ours, Italian. Now on the Russians' career, Chinkvinny tells how he will come.

"If you want to go to Reale,

"I do not think that Zenith is selling Leandr in Janjar. The club wants to win the champion of Russia and return to the league chimes. But this is a great footballer who would be in any league, even in Juventus and Reale.

How did the Italian club I recommend it to him? "Roma", it might be a paradoxical parody, where it was called "Zenith" in the Romans. "Roma" wants to play a game with such characteristic as in the Parody. Hot and Midnight is "This Various Variant".

Zenit Hotel Magnolia »

"For a long time, I did not succeed in bringing Zaxit to Laxalta? "Milan" went off. It was not our main body at this time.

We needed a player on the left flank, and we would like to buy Magnesus, which was transferred to CSKA. After that, we started talking about Laaxalta, but he said, "It's Milano".

"Manchini has not been concentrating on" Zenith "

"Manchini has come to Zenit with a bigger enthusiasm, but the definite moment has changed. Anyone? After the fall of the World Cup on the World Championship and the Involvement of the Ventures (November 2017 – Sport24).

It's just a question of focus. Sometimes things have happened to the situation, although it has not been concentrated on its core body. For example, in Italy we see the second Manchini.

The hostel is at any cost to get it out of Italy, not to "Zenith". It was all over. We are now looking at Manchini. "

"Russians in Europe, Hot Golovin – Big Toll"

"We went on a black-and-white 14-tone in Portugal. This is a great talk. But the whole point did not allow Russia to rush to Brazil. It does not matter, the advent of Russia was remarkable. I will not forget this time.

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Согласен, что русским игракам strongly adaptirovatsya в Европе. This is the question of culture, life expectancy in your country. I like that much of the Golovin, I think it's a strong midfielder. Bigger Than ».

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