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Native Eugene Osin will spend two million dollars to refrain from joining the semi-detached house

23:53, 28.11.2018

The realm of the realm of the rogue musician is inconsistent for life.

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Noting that last year, Eugene Ossin was very poor, after his death was restored to his hometown, which cost 30 million rubles, which was added in the period of his popularity. The property is located in the prestigious area – on the outskirts of Demia Bednogo, near the metro station "Polezhaevskaya". For a long time, the aviator was planning to sell the apartment for a while to buy a living a little, and in the meantime to live for a while.

For the sake of the sale of the living are the saints; Alina, the former wife Natalia Cheremissina и дочь Agne. For the sake of judgment, the descendants of Assynus were shocked by the ordinary. According to the speaker, when they came to the apartment, they showed that they had regulated the marginal companies. Peets, who have been in the aging condition, regularly followed the small need for the floor, from which the parquet appeared on the ribs and rugs. Pipes, shawls, trunks and hinges have come in full swing, the membrane has been split and has a cigar smoke, and all the vessels require disinfection and anti-aging scrub. The required amount of money is needed in capital repair and is unmatched. By pre-requisitioning, the repair of 100 square meters will not exceed two millions of rubles, transfer The rumors of the rush do not really show that they will pay the money, and have paid off Assyri Razin's predecessor.

The wife of Eugene Osina Natalia and daughter Agnja

He added that three days later, after his death, Osin was the first wife and his wife came to the Studio show, "We're talking about it," and told him that he was talking to Eugene for the last days. "We were in a book two days before death. I work in the graphic "two by two", and in the morning we'll see it. It was a very good thing, but he did not laugh at it. I offered him a sharp one, but he refused, "Natallia said. In the words of the musician's wife, they regularly ordered Eugene, brought her foods, rubbed in the kitchen, trimmed the alcohol.

Remember that Yevgeny Osin has become an alcoholic at least a few years old. In the middle of the last year, the penchant passed the treaty in Thai clinic, in the same place, where he was driven by the narcological threat of Dan Barysau. The jailer was sorry that he had no idea how he would move on to some groups, and did not give him some sedatives. In the case of Evgeny Osin, he did not give up "harsh" terms, pretense of treatment, and at the beginning of the octopus of the rehablitinal center. The first place, where it was found on the birth of a rogue, became a pottery supermarket: the artist turned out to be an alcoholic. The word, Dana Borisova, suggests that the rooster is not able to beat all the hassle, so it is not convenient to take advantage of low prices.

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