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Naming products protecting against heart attacks


Naming products protecting against heart attacksLycopene is an isomer.

A study by Finnish scientists has shown that eating tomatoes is the risk of a heart attack in humans. Protecting the heart, according to experts, provides the antioxidant substance lycopene, which contains in larger measurements in this vegetable.

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For 12 years, specialists reviewed a group of 1000 men from 46 to 65 years. In the study period 67 subjects were ratified by a heart attack. After analyzing all the changes in blood and blood pressure from volunteers, scientists found that the risk of a heart attack in # 39; The men were correlated with the level of lycopene in their blood.

Lycopene is an isomer of beta-carotene, the forerunner of Vitamin A. It is the strongest antioxidant in its ability to lay free radical particles, lycopene is 7 times high or vitamin E and 3 times high as beta-carotene, the & # 39; known are antioxidants.

Scientific references indicate that lycopene men protect heart attacks.

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"With a high level of these substances, the risk of a heart attack is 55% lower than or lower," said the authors of the project.

Experts believe that the calculations they get, is a weighty argument for the benefit of more people with Lycopene in rationing. The most important of her content is tomatoes. For example, a glass tomato apple is 23 mg lycopene.

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