Sunday , December 5 2021

MoshGood Resigns Bobslustist Zubkou Olympic Campaign in Russia


Moskovski City Court has resigned to the Presidency of the Federation of Russia Alexandr Zubkov, who is in the doping area, does not have a solution to the court's arbitration court, and does not regroup the two gold medals of the Olympics Games in 2014 in Sochi.

At the same time, as Tartu lawyer Artem Patsev, Mosogrued did not renounce the decision of a sports arbitrator, the plaintiff did not have this right.

Alexander Zubkov asked to return the Sochi medals and call the Olympian champion to join the pretident's presidency, after which he had repaid after a spell of arbitration in Lorenz.

With the decision of the judge, the court sentenced the presumption of nonviolence. The MoshGuddy pointed out that the evidence base was inexplicable to take the medals in Zubkov. None of the devices, including the head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory Grigory Rodchenka, did not indicate exactly the fact that Zupkah's dipping test was reported, said the judge Иnilar Basirov. The sportsman also claimed that he did not accept doping, as he did not know how to take it from the snooping physicist.

The CIO commits admitted Zubakov vnovnov in inflammation of anti-doping rule, canceled its results at Olympiaide-2014, where he won two gold medals, and was abolished from the boarding of the Games. The late sports arbitration was canceled by the Olympics on a non-stop only in Pyongyang. There was no annihilation of Zubkov's achievements on Olympics in Sochi.

After a meeting of Moshmorud Zubkov, it was said that it was important to keep the name of the Olympian name in Russia very important, but it was the most important thing that he had done for the rest of the country.

Representatives of the MOQ have not turned back to Alexandra Zubkov with the request to return Olympic medals.

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