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Loboda cried in Malakhov :: Showbiz


The singer talked about the pain she experienced and revealed her personal secret.

Famous Ukrainian actress To Svetlana I had my first interview after having a sickness. Her revelation about the tears she hid to everyone and even the most kissed and relatives was heard in this program. Andrey Malakov "live". Studio guests and TV viewers could also watch exclusive footage from Los Angeles Star's personal library.

The star showed me who she lived with and how she gave birth to her second daughter. She also explained why she gathered to travel to Germany shortly after her discharge from the hospital without permission from a doctor.

In one of the rehearsals, Loboda experienced severe pain in the abdomen and back. "At some point I climbed onto the stage and fainted with sharp pain, I fell asleep at the hospital," he recalled.

At the same time, she was not immediately diagnosed with an accurate diagnosis. She had to drive three hospitals. The cause of the pain was kidney stones, as revealed by a colleague Grigory Leps advising her to call.

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They blocked the ureter, which caused the organs to be completely removed. However, the doctors urgently needed surgery and did not have to take extreme measures.

"Four days after the surgery, I was lying in bed and never went up, there was a very strict prescription," explains Loboda.

The writer was hospitalized for 10 days. And on the bed, "I think a lot of revisions." She realized that she was "not a robot and could not work like before," and now she decided to schedule a trip to relax and meet friends more often.

She also talked about the birth of her second daughter, Tilda, in her program on relationship with Till Lindemann and announced her plans for the future.

Internet users commented on the interview with the singer. Some people continued to work hard and to respect endurance and endurance. Others tore the actor.

"The stones were cut, the belly grew, the chest was full, we were such believers and churches, we put candles, money, honor, HYIP – shh … in a word … all superstars, just what? For "Mom earns money" – In this verse she looks like a "superstar", "transgender". Did the flea market bring this miracle? "," I already called the stars with two songs. It looks at 45. So you're transforming yourself like this? "," Transvistitka. These lips are buns. Footh Star, I can not do it "- they were outraged.

There are nuts and a TV presenter. "Malakhov, can I answer all the countries?
I personally was not shocked by emergency hospitalization news, like most of the population! "," How small these stars go with their children with their children! Malakhov artificially improves the assessment and says to them, "The whole country is worried about her health." Yes, this composer, whose duck covers his lips, seems to be all the same. And there is no difference between what she did and what she did. Another news came out of my finger. And everyone, because of her song (such a coincidence) ran towards Malakhov tomorrow to attract attention to itself. "

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