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Krylya Sovetov has asked for forgiveness for his mistake in a match against midfielder Akhmat.


Soviet Wings – Arc Mart

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Krylya Sovetov midfielder Paul-Viorel Anton apologized for making a mistake in the 14th round of the RPL against Akhmat (1: 2).

– First of all, I apologize to the fans who supported us in the cold weather and to our team members who have worked hard in the field to get points. It is difficult now. Despite the defeat, I think everyone has seen our progress from match to match. If I did not make a mistake, we would have scored a second goal with a score of 1: 1. But we miss, and after that we were very emotionally very difficult. It is not easy, but it happens in soccer.

– "Akhmat" was able to realize their opportunity. When we finished the attack, we made the right decision and the last pass was missing again. It is not easy to come after you lose. We should be able to leave behind these feelings and try to get positive results in the next game. Pause ahead and prepare for the next game.

Spartak is one of the best clubs in Russia. No matter what happens on this team, they can change everything in a single moment. In the fight against them we will not start with the ones we like, but we need to fight everything. We have no place to retreat. "We have to prepare for this meeting," said Anton Paul-Viorel.

After 14 rounds, Krylia Sovetov ranks 13th in the RPL rankings.

Soviet wing – Akhmat. 1: 2. Oleb Ivanov

Ivanova goalkeeper said "Soviet wing"

"Soviet wing" presented a gift to Ivanov after the match against "Akhmat".

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