Monday , November 29 2021

It's clear that Putin told Nurmogomadov after Macgregor | Adidas


MOSKVA, 23 ноя – РИА Новости. Co-founder of UFC Habibi's Nimbomagame Zaur Kurbanov told Sports24 about Vladimir Putin's reaction to the Russians over Konorom McGregor.

Nurshammedov October 6 was a great Irishman and locked UFC in a lightweight way. After that, the band took the boss and presented the team. At the same time, Nevada's Naval Commander ordered the payment of honorary payments to Nururahomedov's two million dollar dollars to complete the investigation, and he had paid all this money out of it.

Soon afterwards, Putin hit the Russians with a bug.

"Vladimir Vladimirovich said following:" We were overwhelmed, we were fighting, we were worried, we did not give up, "Kurbanov said.

According to his words, the President has also replaced the Nurmogomedov's office for convenience and has been invited to attend.

"It's a place where you can call in any situation, unless something is going on." – says Putin Kurbanov.

At the time of Nurgahomedov's death with Putin, the prosecutor was asked to try his son for a long time after his death.

The official Khabib Time autobiography of Nemurogomedov will be held on the "Olympics" on November 26.

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