Sunday , August 14 2022

"" If Spartak pays the money to Kononov, it's usually a stupid level "


Former shareholder of Moscow's "Spartak" Andrei Chervichenko provided information that Oleg Kononov will be appointed as the team's coach. Earlier media reported that the Moscow club is ready to make massive rewards for Tula Arsenal, who is seeking early signing deals with the experts.

– Although "Spartak" has often shocked the public in recent times, Kononov's appointment belongs to this category, the leader of recent seasons. A stupid decision is hard to imagine. Red and white require a more qualified trainer. There is one thing when the club takes an ex-coach to the position of coach (Valery Karpin or Stanislav Cherchesov). Yes, in the domestic championship before, they did not get anything, but this decision is understandable. And one of the richest clubs in Russia when you take someone who has already replaced three Russian clubs. But Kononov did not achieve anything with him … his action team is now in the RPL "basement". The fact that "Spartak" pays is generally silly.

Karpin and Cherchesov did not want to go back to Spartak? I do not think so. If negotiations are in progress, they will not talk privately with both of them. And all the links in this intermediate … People have already ignited repeatedly on this, so I almost did not agree with the link and the intermediate conversation. "Chervichenko said.

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