Tuesday , January 18 2022

Google has launched a free browser-based photo editor. Reedus


The Chrome Labs department, which develops browser applications, has released the simplest browser-based photo editor for preparing images for posting on the Internet.

In general, there are already many similar online services on the Internet, but Squoosh is quite beneficial because of its simplicity and speed of operation.

Best of all, Squoosh editor works with Chrome browser, but developers say that other modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Yandex Browser work well with Squoosh. Mobile browsers are also supported, so you can optimize your image on your smartphone or tablet.

Most importantly, the first time you download Squoosh, you can use it without an Internet connection. The editor does not consume any traffic because all of the image's work is done on the browser itself, rather than on Google servers.

Squoosh allows you to edit image sizes, compression ratios using the most popular PNG, JPG and WebP format images, and change the color table using a variety of optimization algorithms based on the image format.

Editor work results can be evaluated directly in the browser window directly using the slider that separates the images before and after processing. The size of the converted file is calculated in real time according to the selected optimization parameters. You can download processed photos instantly to your computer by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen.

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