Sunday , May 29 2022

FSB published a list of weapons that came from Ukrainians from the Kerch Street


Today at 19:14, see: 2649

The center of public affairs of the FSB announced a list of weapons that were made of # The Ukrainian ships wound up the Russian border in 'e Kerch Street.

It reports that four 30-mm guns were on board, four AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers and four PKT modifications – that is four weapons (the installations consist of a pist, AGS and PKT).

There are also two DSHK masjehoanen, 13 AK-47 submachine weapons, four pistols, traumatic and sangelpolols, more than 700 high-explosive fragmentation projects of 30 mm caliber, 1975 shafts of VOG-17 grenade launchers and 495 fan & # 39; a VOG grenadewasker. Also found more than 100 grenades of various systems and a half dozen bajonetmesses.

In addition, the FSB discovered documents with access to sea access to residents. According to the papers, the seams were well aware of the region established by Russia by the Kerch-Yenikalski Channel.

In addition, a judgment was found to conquer the ships of Ukraine from Ukraine to Odessa to Berdyansk by Kerch Street.

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