Wednesday , June 7 2023

Flu vaccine in Tambov


More than 350,000 people are already taking root.

More than one million vaccines were distributed to medical institutions in the Tambov region. A total of more than 530,000 influenza vaccines were sent to the area. More than 350,000 people, including over 73,000 children, have roots.

In the coming cold season, doctors expect flu viruses like Michigan, B and Hong Kong to spread. All viruses have a short incubation period. They spread quickly over a long distance. They adapt quickly to drugs. It is dangerous if any of them are sick. They can be fatal. To protect against infection, the vaccine SOVIGRIPP has been moved to this area.

Vaccinations must be at risk. We are talking about workers in the service sector, social services, education and health. Local administrations also say it is imperative to vaccinate pregnant women, young children and pensioners diagnosed with chronic lung, heart, immunity and diabetes.

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