Monday , March 8 2021

fans furious about Basta Loboda’s rudeness in the new issue of “Voice”

Basta, who became the mentor of the children’s show “The Voice”, is annoying to Svetlana Loboda in the new release of the project. Last Friday, February 19, the audience saw the next stage in which the participants fought for the chance to get into one or another team.

The struggle for each participant between the mentors also flared up seriously. Sometimes Loboda, Basta and Creed can barely contain their emotions. Once again, Vakulenko could not remain silent and responded to the artist cautiously as she tried to persuade the next artist.

‘I really want you to be on my team. As you sang, my heart literally jumped out. It was so beautiful, ‘said Svetlana, addressing the singer.

Basta barked in response from:

“Your heart can’t jump out, you can’t have it.”

It is noteworthy that Loboda, distinguished by emotionality and a fairly harsh disposition, did not respond with a statement to the claim.

A little later, Yegor Creed took up arms against Svetlana. The young man did not like it when Loboda walked through the performance of one of the girls.

“If people love a song, why not go out and sing it? What will this man teach you, Vasilisa? How do fans not respect? He replied.

The Network rushed them for Loboda. Channel One, what is this mentoring behavior? In the whole problem, children try to say something, but the “stars” do not care, they are measured in one place. I am ashamed of the behavior of Loboda and Basta … They had a competition, who would humiliate anyone more and not care about the children who stood on the stage? “,” Communication from mentors – Spanish shame “,” Horror that mentors allow themselves. They are actually children, ‘ was puzzled by the audience.

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