Tuesday , January 31 2023

Diesel fuel has risen in Novosibirsk.


One liter of diesel fuel has risen in Novosibirsk gas stations. The cost varies from 45.25 rubles to 53.5 rubles.

In Novosibirsk, rising diesel prices continued. In the past two weeks, a liter of diesel has risen by an average of 1.37 rubles. At the same time, gasoline costs remain largely unchanged and remain at the same level.

According to Novosibirskstat, 1 liter of diesel fuel was raised by 1.7% from October 29 to November 6. "At gas stations, diesel fuel can be purchased at prices ranging from 45.25 rubles per liter to 53.50 rubles," Novosibirsk reported.

Last week AI-95 gasoline prices rose 0.1%, and the average price per liter was 43.41 rubles. The cost of the AI-92 and AI-98 marks remained at the previous reporting periods of 40.43 and 47.95 rubles.

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