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Diabetes – Sweet? |


The nature of diabetes

The main reason for the onset of type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent) is obesity and is not an excessive intake of sugar and flour products. Sweet indirectly contributes to the development of diabetes, which leads to weight gain and increases the "chance" of getting obesity. In addition, diabetes can be caused by a hardening process in the pancreas of the elderly, and genetic predisposition – also occurs in children. It should be noted that in type 2 diabetes, insulin can be produced in sufficient or reduced amounts, but fat cells, muscle tissue and liver cells can not be seen. Depending on the exact cause, type 2 diabetes is treated with insulin-stimulating drugs or medications that help the body to absorb (see hormones). Insulin feeds glucose from the blood into the cells, converting them into energy and water.

Insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes can be genetically inherited or developed based on previous infections. Treatment requires regular insulin injections. In fact, people with type 1 diabetes can not produce insulin themselves, and this hormone injection is urgently needed.

What is dangerous diabetes?

The higher the blood sugar, the greater the likelihood of complications. In the case of diabetes, there is a risk of heart attack, stroke, liver, kidney, and eye pathologies occurring multiple times. People with diabetes can not cure wounds well and can often cause inflammation of the skin. Even in medicine there is even a concept called "diabetic foot" – a gangrene that begins to develop in the lower leg.

Risk factor

The abuse of sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food, fast food, fat and sweet food, bad habits increases the risk of collapse of the body's metabolic processes, weight gain and the risk of diabetes. Check blood glucose levels in a medical laboratory or check your blood glucose levels with a glucose meter. If the indicator is close to the upper limit of the standard, you should pay attention to how you eat and how much it moves.


Another factor that causes illness is frequent and serious stress. Adequate rest, adequate sleep, and adherence to daily regimens are therefore essential to prevent diabetes.

Scientists have found that taurine is deficient in the elderly in the body in diabetes. What is taurine? This substance, contained in every cell of our body, plays a vital role in the regulation of many metabolic processes, so the deficiency causes almost all organs and systems to suffer. The need for taurine is large, but its synthesis in the human body is limited and the main source of taurine for us is mainly animal products, which are seafood.

How to protect our bodies with taurine tribes? In this case, Dibicore, a drug developed by Russian scientists based on taurine, will be helpful. This drug is indicated for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, including those with high cholesterol levels.

The effect of Dibikora is the physiological effect of taurine. "Dibikor" helps normalize blood sugar levels and enter cells. This medication helps reduce cholesterol and improves cardiac function. If this indicator is normal, "Dibikor" does not affect sugar and cholesterol levels. You can buy it without a prescription at the pharmacy.

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