Monday , November 29 2021

Crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross won the price of "Car of the Year" in Japan


The winner was the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV. "The Eclipse Cross is not just a compact cape with a stylish bodywork."

During this car competition, all the likely recent release in Japan were passengers.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross was named "Car of the Year 2019" by the version of the Conference of Automotive Researchers and correspondents of Japan (RJC). Among the most significant scandals were the use of automotive modern technology today, the unique performance, safety and quality of construction. Mitsubishi company for this price is no price for 11 years.

The previous time, Mitsubishi modeled the title of car of the year in Japan in 2007. In addition, there were winners in separate candidates: Lancer Evolution X – the 2009 Best Sports Car and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in 2014 for the best rechargeable hybrid footprint.

The cost leader's expansion committee has stated its decision by the fact that the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a set of elegant merger of sharp pillars and a compact SUV, as well as excellent quality and balanced treatment by the extraordinary Super All-Wheel Control technology. Car was reopened by a gasoline engine of 150 pilots, its capacity is 1.5 liters. Together with this unit work the six-speed manual or the CVT variant. The station is fully or full.

The prize of a simple complete set of SUVs is 1.329.000 rubles, and for the above Eclipse Cross you must pay at least 2.298,000 euros.

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