Sunday , December 5 2021

Chrome sends data from ProtonMail message to Google servers


The Reddit user under the name u / lioploum has determined that the Chrome browser sends the content of each site to Google, including email posts from secure mailboxes, especially through ProtonMail.

When it kicks off, the user sends a long letter to his spouse for editing ProtonMail. However, she turned to the wrong construction of souls and the abundance of English words, although the letter was in French. The sending folder was not changed, it was the same when it was opened on a mobile device with iOS. But by Chrome, the text was as good as translating French into English and again in French.

After deactivating an automatic translation of & # 39; the browser in the browser, everything returned back to normal. However, the situation does not look too good, but the translation function is not declared in Chrome as standard for all sources.

"But the conclusion is frightening: it means that the contents of each web page will open by Google Chrome will be sent to Google. Each email, even to ProtonMail, is sent to Google, even if in this case the transfer must not be made. The only solution: do not use Chrome"- said the user.

At the same time, users in & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; commented the criticism of & # 39; a browser. And the company ProtonMail has already stated that the problem lies in the browser and is not related to the mail services. Google has not commented on the situation yet.

Note that the automatic translation function is performed on servers, not in the browser because the data is still Google. And this means a potential danger for such information, to get all information that can go through the translation service in a "corporation of good".

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