Saturday , December 4 2021

Bloomberg: The Largest iPhone Collector Will Cost Cost In Preparing a "Hardest" – Economy and Business


TASS, November 21, Foxconn Technology Group, Apple's largest entrepreneur, plans to cut the cost in 2020 to 20 billion yuan ($ 2.9 billion). This was reported on Wednesday by Bloomberg, where 's a memorie of the company that was in his possession.

According to the company, a division of Foxconn, collecting parts for smartphones iPhone, should cost its cost by 6 billion yuan (or $ 860 million). A reduction of 10% non-technical employees is also planned. It is present that the decision is that the company has a "hard year".

It was not possible to get official comments from Bloomberg.

Foxconn is the largest contractor of electronic electronics, designed for leading global brands. Headquarters is located in Taiwan. Since 2010, the company has produced and export half of all Apple smartphones produced in the world.

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