Saturday , May 28 2022

Bitcoin will cost $ 3000. The price of crypto-wool has decreased by 43% :: РБК.Крипто


For the last three months, the cost of the monetary has dropped practically at $ 2800, in the near future this trend can continue, says analyst Omar Gobbull

On November 27, Bitcoin's average price quoted practically at $ 3600 a year ago – $ 3640, after which it has grown. The cryptovutylenium value of the cryptomelite is $ 3700, while the rates of 2.2% have been lowered, the rate of XRP decreased by 1.8%, Ethereum – by 4%.

According to an analysis of CoinDesk's Oval Gambool, the crypto need to retain the highest level of $ 3473, which will cost $ 3000. To minimize the bacterial situation, it would be necessary to raise a $ 4,000 reduction rate, which would then increase to $ 4500, which is lower in the nearest time, specifies the specialist.

Three days ago, on November 7, the bill was trading at $ 6500, with a price of 43% lower. In the same period, the total capitalization of the industry fell by 45% – from $ 220 billion to $ 120 billion.

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