Sunday , October 24 2021

Bethesda addressed the Fallout 76 collective release with a cheap bag


Yesterday like is knownthat's in the issue of the collectors Fallout 76 For 14 thousand rubles not to deliver cards, and actually a nylon package.

One of the technical support operators Bethesda He argued, however, at the high price of the original box, and the other on the & # 39; the inability of materials. The company, however, has not warned about the changes, the orders ordered for the players, or even the partner shops.

The users report that many sites are available Amazon Still, the collectors sold the original description, while Bethesda even changed it to the website – probably long for the event.

Promised composition of the publication of collectors

Actual payment from collectors collection

When the scandal broke out on the network Bethesda brought sell to the victim and invokes all the injured owners of # 39; the collection of items to reach technical support, the promotion of purchase, to compensate them with 500 atoms (249 rubles) – the fallout fund Fallout 76.
For this amount, however, it is not possible to buy anything almost exclusively, except that the flowers and the door – there indicated one of Twitter users.

"You could not learn anything" – a fallout of Fallout 2

It is clear that, just recently, developers at 500 atoms have dropped Fallout 76 customers on the release due to the appearance of large blocks on the game, but a week after release.

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