Thursday , March 30 2023

Anastasia Volochkova talked about the betrayal of a sick father's civil wives.


Ten years ago,, Father Ballerina Anastasia Volokova, His whole right side survived the two strokes paralyzed. A 69-year-old man can not talk and is transferred to a wheelchair.

Now Volochkova's father is in a professional boarding house under the supervision of a doctor 24 hours a day. In recent table tennis, the Soviet champion and the long-time Russian coach of honor could have happened in a wheelchair!

Anastasia confessed., Now in my father 's apartment is in full swing repair. As it turned out, The apartment was in a state of resentment, living with her daughter, the wife of her father, Volochkova.

Anastasia Volochkova with her father

Anastasia Volochkova with her father

"All leaks, Cracked wall, ceiling, Kitchen. I just peed in the bathroom., I found it., That this button is, She has some kind of pin. You have to throw your hand there., Get it all out. You know., I say: "Girls, You live here by yourself! I never thought of going to primary school., I bought everything here with my money. "- Ballerina thinks strangely in an interview. "Channel 5.

As a result, Anastasia called the repair team to request the apartment be vacated. "example, One person without a disability did not live here., Like a soldier walking around, Which campsite, Who put all the possible elements here, That is where it is not seen. Everything loosens., Everything is in a very bad environment. "

Anastasia confessed., "I transferred 30,000 rubles a month, so I started to know., I already started taking my money., I spend every month., Of course and as a salary. And they have already begun to write to me: "Where is the nurse's salary?" I am such a person. "How did you turn from relatives to guardians?"

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