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Alzheimer's may be caused by mutations and changes in the protein structure.


Alzheimer's disease, such as other neurodegenerative disease, leads to the accumulation of toxic food complements in nervous tissue. Alzheimer's disease can be represented by two types – beta-amyloids and tauproteins that have their own positive functions, only make changes to the structure of proteins.
Mutations that lead to neurodegenerative diseases can often be destroyed, hereinafter referred to as hereditary Alzheimer's disease. Only there is a non-hereditary form, as accumulation accumulates in DNA of neurons over the whole period of a personal life. It is already known that genetic information found in the DNA is first copied to RNA molecules, collecting specific molecules in RNA molecules.

After a cell makes genes with RNA copies, they are subjected to complex RNA subversion, this form of operation is called up spell. His mission is to cut some pieces from RNA, while the remains are mingled with each other. The result is that the reddish RNA, after splitting, is much shorter than the original gene.

Science scares a new discovery phenomenon that has been abnormally aborted, brave RNA's, full DNA alphanumeric is found. See, for example, a representation of normal APP gene, which has a long and not yet compulsory RNA copy, this copy is edited with strong errors, while the copy of & # 39; The editable RNA copy is made from the image of a modified copy of the chromosome.

The self-contained RNAs themselves may not be a major problem, their life span is short. Only mutations as a result of splitting are incorporated in DNA and work as a permanent source, which constitutes a large set of all types of APP proteins that can carry beta-amyloid pests.

Experts shine the aspect of other syndrics (such as cancer) not due to abuse in RNA, which will then be recorded in the DNA. Only there is a chance that they are restricted by the nervous system, where there is a sufficiently high transcriptase activity, and there are more breaks in DNA, which eliminates copies of genes .

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