Tuesday , January 18 2022

Allegrov was embarrassed about the "dead" performance. Show Business: VladTime


The "House-2" participant of Rustam Solntsev talked about this.

Rustam Solntsev gained an extremely reverberating reputation even when he stayed in the famous television reality "Dom-2". For a lifetime now, he has somewhat changed the angle of his activity, but rather began to specialize in the gossip of the show business world. This time, Russian singer Irina Allegrova achieved her goal. The entire family was very dissatisfied with the fact that most of the performers were "dead", that they sang songs on the record.

Solntsev truly amazed that the artist at the Allegrova level once fell into such a "derogatory attitude" towards viewers that the respect of Alla Pugacheva's own laurels was respected. Moreover, Allegrova has been "rude" in this way for over thirty years, Suns pointed out. He was also surprised that a woman of her age would still be on the stage in the elk and want to "ride like a young girl".

In particular, fans liked to compare Allegrova and Buzova to Solntsev's appeal. Irina Aleksandrovna was worse than her young colleagues. This is because the latter has no voice capability. At first you should understand that a person going to a concert leading to "House-2" will sing under "Plywood". Allegrova makes things worse. Everyone expects her to be a "live" show, but for some reason I decided not to do this and destroy all the magic around her character. Solntsev hopes that his words will have an impact on the singer and can prove his worth.

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