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Aeroflot responded to SSJ-100 pilot error messages | News | News

The aircraft "Aeroflot" denied messages that the crew of the "Sukhoi Superjet 100" fire it & # 39; a landing at Sheremetyevo disappeared, besieging the instructions.

On May 17, RIA Novosti, which reported the Federal Air Navigation Agency report, reported that the pilots were breaking the & # 39; The land did not come off, and the weight of ships was about landing capacity by 1.6 tonnes.

In addition, it was said that the flight model commander tried several times to descend and lower the boat.

In & # 39; Aeroflot & # 39; indicated that in a published document there are no conclusions about the error of the pilots or their violation of & # 39; e instructions.

At the same time, the spoiler release on the airline was called impossible in that situation.

"The hits (in length of time) were in the position that corresponded to the landing procedure and in accordance with the existing system error. In addition, according to the procedure, the inversion was in the first instance, and then On a stable tour guide, fixes are made, "said Aeroflot, that the aircraft has no stable running.

The SSJ-100, with 73 passengers and five crew members on board, fled Moscow to Moscow on May 5, but returned to Sheremetyevo due to technical problems. According to preliminary data, a hit struck the liner, causing the radio communication to be lost and automation failed.

When & # 39; launching the plane to & ldquo; air & ldquo; fire fire. Cold 41 people. Criminal location set

On May 17, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) completed the interpretation of the aircraft's black boxes.


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