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A month after the divorce, Valery Blümenkranz began to live with the "House-2"


13:14, 28.11.2018

The star of the realistic show decided to take part in his life.

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On October 18, Valery Blumenkron received a scandal after the scandal officially tackled with Tata Abramson. The supersules have taken place over the whole year. The one of the most vivid pairs of "House-2" real-time showers was steadily scandalous. Слухи о разладе в семье Блюменкранц появились в августе. Takeda Tatata said that in his case, Valery had not been discriminated against.

Without hesitation, the saddle asked to squeeze the bug, leaving one of the houses "Home-2", "Oster of Love". However, the rejection of the project has only slowed down between members. The final point was postponed, as Valera changed his wife to the second party show – Mariano Petri. Later, Dad took a year-old daughter Beatrice and called "House-2". But before leaving, her husband was rushed to the ranks. As soon as the other participants come to Lobnogo, Dad tries to marry her.

Dad and Valery Blummenkrants

After a couple of years later, Valery Blümenkranz recalled that in the near future there was a new love. It will be a pleasure to ask a girl who will be like him on his ex-supplement. By the word of a scandalous realm, one of them is to have a new outfit from Tatya, so it's easy to look at the beloved man. "I'm looking for another woman. Except for such, as Tatah. But all my attention has been observed, "said Bloommancrant.

Today, it has become clear that Valera did not go to the status of free men. On the other hand, a rum with new telecommunication units Росий Максимовой. "At one of the midnight I went out of the door. I was surprised, well, and I offered her something in the spa. This is the night of the night. Everything is good: I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant, "said Bloomer.

Rose Maksimov

By the words of Valerie, Rosha did not come in his mouth, but he did not speak to her. So, in the near future, Blumenkron and Maksimov are trying to squeeze them. "We do not speak about family life. Просто договорились, что будем жить вместе. Let us join our efforts and get involved. For a young man, you need to take part in life. In principle, if it happens to something more, I do not mind. It is not my ideal, but I do not know, "Valery inquired at

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