Saturday , January 16 2021

WINDOWS 10 10. New Interface from Microsoft

Windows 10 themes

Windows 10. Surprisingly today, Microsoft has introduced a new desktop operating system interface, and you can see everything from the images below. We are talking about a new theme that will enable Windows 10 on the next major upgrade that Microsoft will be releasing next. Maybe next spring, maybe in April.

Windows 10. There is a "white" theme for the current operating system, and the future "light" from Microsoft is implemented correctly, so the entire interface appears to have a white background / complementary color. We are talking about the big changes Windows 10 makes when users apply the new "light" theme. This is in contrast to the wishes of those waiting for the producer's dark mode.

Windows 10. New interface from Microsoft

Windows 10 Topic 2

Windows 10. The new wallpaper has been set up to enable the "light" theme that the operating system can activate on your computer. The idea itself is very useful to customers. Because the release of the new Windows 10 theme is so far away, it is currently being tested in the beta version of the 19H1 operating system, so only Microsoft beta users can use it.

Window 10 Theme 1

Windows 10. Apart from this new "lightweight" theme, the operating system will bring improvements to the new features. Sniffing tool, Application improvements that allow the printer to be used, and updates that prevent any computer restarts. Unfortunately, when the dark theme of the computer started, the main customer needs of the operating system were not known, but sometime in 2019, the majority of the waiting updates will be available.

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