Friday , January 27 2023

What is the price for the new Fossil Sport Smart Watch?


What is the price for the new Fossil Sport Smart Watch?

What is the price for the new Fossil Sport Smart Watch?

Fossil announced the first Smartwatch (Snapdragon 3100 chip) in Qualcomm and Google's redesigned Wear OS operating system.

The Fossil unit, called the Sport Smartwatch, comes in 6 colors and is 41mm and 43mm in size. Replaceable silicone belts (28 in total) are also available.

Fossil has built many Wear OS smart watches (Android Wear) in the past, and now one more. The company announced the launch of Smartwatch or Sport.

Fossil's new Fossil Sports Device is based on Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor and runs Google's Wear OS platform. The intelligent sports watch is available in 41mm and 43mm sizes.

The company did not provide details about the display size or resolution, but it does show that it has a circular display. He has confirmed that the Fossil Sport will have a heart rate and NFC tracking that allows the user to pay using the device.

There is even an integrated GPS. Fossil Company says that a 350mAh battery should provide autonomy throughout the day. The Spotify app is pre-installed for users who play music on their smart clock.

It is one of the first smart wats to be launched with the new Qualcomm mobile device processor promising high performance and improved energy efficiency.

All features included in Wear OS are available in this SmartWatch. These are specifications. Fossil sells the Sport Smart Watch at $ 255 online and in physical locations. Intelligent watches come in 6 colors and various straps. It's beautiful.

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