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What is the competition in medicine in Bucharest

The registrations for medicines have ended, in Bucharest, and for admission more than 3 candidates are fighting for a place without compensation.

According to a press release sent on Thursday to, the admission match at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) “Carol Davila” Bucharest will take place on Monday, July 25, 2016, at 9:00 p.m.

For the 950 budget seats, 3,168 candidates registered. The biggest battle is in medicine, and the least candidates in terms of the number of places are registered at the Pharmacy.

Here is the distribution of candidates by faculty:

  • for the 510 places at the Faculty of Medicine, 1,942 candidates registered;
  • for the Faculty of Dentistry, 583 candidates / 130 places;
  • for the Faculty of Pharmacy, 259 candidates / 140 places;
  • for the Faculty of Obstetricians and Medical Assistance (FMAM), 384 candidates / 170 places.

There are also another 470 places available for a fee, in all four faculties – 200 in medicine, 125 in dentistry, 100 in pharmacy and 45 in GEF.

In addition, 20 winners of national and international Olympic Games in disciplines such as biology, physics and chemistry have decided to register for UMF “Carol Davila”, are admitted without exams.

Here is what some of the UMF candidates told us

The registrations for admission to UMF Carol Davila were made between 14 and 20 July. The timetable examination is compulsory for all faculties.

See HERE the full calendar of registrations at UMF Carol Davila

See which documents you need to register

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Faculty of Dentistry – See specializations

pharmaceutical university – See specializations

Faculty of Obstetricians and Nursing – See specializations


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