Thursday , August 5 2021

What does Josephine, Gina Pistol’s little girl with Smiley, look like? The two avoided seeing it, but now it’s clear

Josephine, the daughter of Smiley and Gina Pistol, will soon be a month old. The PRO TV star revealed the detail that all the fans were waiting for. The two avoided seeing it, but now it’s clear. Here is who the daughter of the two stars looks more like.

What does Josephine, Gina Pistol’s little girl with Smiley, look like?

For Gina Pistol and Smiley, happiness has the face of her daughter. Little Josephine is a month old, in just a few days, and the stars can not believe how fast time passes. March 9th will surely be a special day for the two lovers, because then her little girl was born, the one who completes her family photo perfectly.

Invited to Mihai Morar’s Youtube podcast, Smiley talked about how much his life has changed since his daughter appeared in the landscape. The proud father said which of the two parents looks like the youngest girl of his and Gina Pistol. It seems that the little girl will inherit the features of her mother’s beauty, according to the PRO TV star.

“People nearby saw the girl in pictures. (…) He has qualities of me and Gina and it’s early anyway. I do not realize either. But somehow when he smiles I find some things .

She has lips that I do not have, that is certainly not a characteristic of me. He does not have a big nose, that is not a characteristic of me. I do not realize now. She’s a brunette. Here I can say that he looks like me “, Smiley confessed in the podcast Fain şi Simplu.

What Smiley loves most about Gina Pistol

The colleague of Pavel Bartoș from Romania has Talent claims that they get along very well with Gina Pistol and that the relationship between them took place at the right time.

“If we had met a lot earlier, we probably would not have stayed together, either because I was too excited, or because she was too impatient.

She is super jovial, super gang-like, she has a fantastic sense of humor, I did not get bored with her, wherever I was, I felt exceptional, we love the same kind of singers, movies. We love the same food, we are equal in many ways.

(…) Do not ask me many unnecessary questions. It’s very important for my life, for me, to have a man at home who I know is waiting for me and does not ask what I say about my program, what I need, and who gives me what I need is. added the artist.

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