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VIDEO. Moments and children broke in the crosswalk


Her mother died and her daughter was seriously injured on the crosswalk in Suceava for a year and a half. A 26-year-old driver ran at full speed to the woman pushing the baby's stroller. The accident occurred near the court and I was amazed at the institution 's surveillance camp. caution! Follow pictures and information that can affect you emotionally.

Sinful drivers: I looked too late.

Dismissed at the pedestrian crossing in a fast car, the baby and mother of the stroller were thrown into a few legs down the sidewalk.

witness : I was there, my wife came to my arm and caught my foot.

Convicted Bogdan Chetrariuc: We were on the first tape, and she came out of the car. I knew I could not step on the brakes and wanted to avoid tapes on the right. And I jumped out of this tape.

witness : He was very quick, and he stopped stopping. I have not seen it.

Convicted Bogdan Chetrariuc: Sorry. Sorry. I also had a bit of speed and probably would have been 70. I was speeding and rushing somewhere.

My mother was the first to be treated for asphalt by two doctors who passed the area.

Diana Munteanu, UPU Suceava: The mother's mother, who was the patient's mother, was very serious, and resuscitation continued in the UPU.

Despite these efforts, doctors could not find the life of a 40-year-old female officer at the Gendarmerie Nomads of Fălticeni in Fălticeni. Her child received intensive care with severe injuries. The driver has been tested with an elite test device and the result is negative.

Ionut Epureanu, spokesman IPJ Suceava: bloodThe oligarchs submitted crime investigation documents on charges of committing the crimes of killing and bodily harm.

The young man was detained for 24 hours and was arrested in Suceava.

The gendarmerie was hit by a pedestrian crossing and died.

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