Friday , April 23 2021

Victor Ponta succeeds Dragnea: "Gabriela Firea or Corina Cretu can have a presidential profile" – News by source

Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta said on Tuesday in Iasi that European Commissioner Corina Cretu would be a very good candidate for the party, two named names, Gabriela Firea and Sorin Cîmpeanu, according to

Victor Ponta told a press conference in Iasi that he did not want Klaus Iohannis and Liviu Dragnea to enter the second round, which added that Iohannis lives on Liviu Dragnea in & # 39; a final to "it's easy to run".

"We do not want to get the second round to have a choice between Iohannis and Dragnea, Dragnea is not the question of the evidence that it is a disaster for Romania, but no Iohannis was a good president. We will be support candidate, not necessarily a member of Pro Romania, PSD or any other party. It may also be independent, but have a modern European social democratic vision, "said Victor Ponta.

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Romania's romania said that a "very good" candidate would be Corina Cretu, who had confirmed it at European level and two other possible names, Gabriela Firea and Sorin Cimpeanu.

"She can have a profile like wife Corina Creţu, a social democrats with European experience, she can be a social democrats who confirm in elections, like woman Firea, can be Sorin Cîmpeanu, president of the Council of Rectors and a man who has performed it.We need a man to bring peace and stability and stop this scandal and this battle goes on. I would vote for a female president any time, but I can't tell if the society has a more conservative mindset, Corina Cretu would be a very good candidate if she accepted, we will discuss it after May 26, "said Victor Ponta.

The Romanian Pro-Russia minister may be that he will live at the Palace of Culture in Iasi on Wednesday afternoon, where President Klaus Iohannis will present the title of Historical Capital to Iasi and on January 24 he will be next to other private representatives. at the official official events in Uni Square at & # 39; the day of & # 39; a Union of Romanian Capital.

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