Friday , July 30 2021

The study that causes the cancer treatment. When will the production of personal medicine begin

Scientists have tried to detect the weakness of cancer so that they can find new ways to treat this disease.

A team of researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute has deactivated all genetic instructions from 30 types of cancer. In this way, they were discovered 600 problems, each of which may be a starting point for potential drugs, informs

This is a study of cancer drugs. We can even talk about personal medicine. At present, treatments against cancer are far too intrusive – even chemotherapy, for example, can negatively affect the body during cancer.

Among the researchers was Dr. Fiona Behan, who died twice after cancer – the first round of chemotherapy wiped her heart out of the next round of treatments.

"It's so important to just treat the cancer just by treating the entire body of a patient," Behan said.

"We do not precisely report cancer cells. The information we found in this study identified the major weakness in cancer cells and will develop our medications that target cancer and keep the tissue healthy."

Researchers can grow around 20,000 genes of more than 300 tumors in the laboratory with CRISPR technology, corresponding to types of cancer.

Of these, 6,000 have claimed that is essential for cancer victory. Many of them are already the basis for the development of new cancer treatments, so researchers have listed 600 shortlisted genes for future medication.

"This study provides some excellent starting points and the next step will be a complete analysis of & # 39; s genes identified as weak in & # 39; s study to determine if one day leads to the development of new treatments for patients declared professor Karen Vousden.

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