Saturday , August 13 2022

The most famous gyanian musician born in Romania


About Wanlov Kubolor, the famous singer of Ghana and the founder of the unique sound pushing the Afro-Pop border, has been heard in Romania.

The story of the artist's life is impressive and adventurous. His parents moved to Ghana before he was 1, and Kubolor grew up as a passionate artist.

By the age of 20, he wanted to live in the American Dream and his desire became a reality. It was the way to the realm of promise, but the beautiful dream quickly crumbled. He believed that everything was "milk and honey," but he was tortured and arrested three times. Wanlov Kubolor speaks lips with humor and smile about his experience of living there.

"On the American peninsula there are all the conditions, they have brought and read the food, which is where I read the Lord of the Rings, unlike the strict Ghana prison," he says.

Destiny Wanlov Kubolor outperforms any screenplay. His music as well as his life is his child. Eight children born on three continents … The story behind the story can be found on TVR 2's "Destiny of the Movie" on Monday, November 12th.

Also, very originally, Julian Marciuc's guests decided to give up his shoes long ago. So, whether summer or winter, Wanlov Kubolor walks barefoot.

Juliana Marcchi

Iuliana Marciuc, TV Destination Founder of "Destiny in as Movies" program

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