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The first night of bells from Romania Voice of 2018


Romanian Voices Coaches 2018: Smiley, Andra, Irina Rimes and Tudor Chirilă

Romanian Voice Coaches 2018: Smiley, Andra, Irina Rimes and Tudor Chirilă (photo: ProTV)

After the duels there the coaches fade out to half of their competitors, followed the bells round. It has two editions – recordings, November 23, and Saturday, November 24th.

Each trainer will submit this round with eight competitors who offer two knockouts – four of them click on the stage on Friday and 4th Saturday.

Three participants in a team will sing one piece. To & # 39; s end of & # 39; The three performances will make the coach the first rejection. The two remaining members of the team will also wait for their fourth team to play, and to & # 39; The end of the day they come with him in & # 39; the stage.

Of these three, the trainer will choose the two participants to live life. Thus, Tudor, Irina, Andra and Smiley will vote for the live band of Romania with four team members.

The first night of knockouts from Romania Voice of 2018

The team of Irina Rimes

Dora Gaitanovici, Alina Statie, Gabriela Munteanu and Feihong Basigu were the four competitors who climbed the sce on the first night of knockout knockouts. Irina gave Mihai Mărgineanu for advice on the interpretation of participants.

Feihong Basigu sang Rihanna's song "Umbrella". His moment is valued by both public and coach.

"That man is so grateful for me!" He said smiley with a great smile on his face.

The coach also said that Feihong is his great gift that he offers people.

"You felt good, you had life!" He said Tudor Chirilă

Alina Statie He played the song "Hopai Diri Da". The emotional interpretation captured the coaches.

"I realized how powerful it is," he said smiley, added that the song was a prayer they came to.

Tudor Chirilă has been pleased with Alina:

"I have your voice very much, and of you."

Gabriela Munteanu song "Bang Bang" (Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande). Tudor was of opinion that the orchestra does not voice his voice in & quot; the spotlight.

Irina's first dissolution was Feihong Basigu.

The time has come Dorei Gaitanovici. They sang the song of Aerosmith, "Cryin". The coaches thought it was the best interpretation of the team of Irina.

"You are exceptional, that's what's going on!" Only the voice says, "Cyrilla commented.

Irina Rimes chose Alina Statie and Dora Gaitanovici.

The Tudor Chirila Team

Mihai Meiroş, Luciana Răducanu, Cristian Alexa and Lavinia Rusu were the four competitors who scored the stage on the first night of # 39; knock knockers. Tudor gave Dan Byron advice on the interpretation of competitors.

Mihai Meiroş He played the song "Enter Sandman" (Metallica). Smiley did not expect Tudor this moment. He grew up Mihai for his interpretation.

Luciana Răducanu sang Evanescence's song, "bring me to life." Tudor made a mistake on the musical moment. And Andra said

"I would like to have Luciana, if you have the preference for that note, then you will be out."

The following has climbed the stage Cristian Alexa. He sings "Sleep Up and Dance".

Tudor's first elimination was Cristian Alexa.

The interpretation was followed Laviniei Rusu. The concurrence sang "You got the love" (Florence + The Machine). The coaches were the opinion that the moment was the most complete of the Tudor team.

Tudor Chirilă chose to continue with Mihai Meiroş and Lavinia Rusu.

The Andra Team

Cristina Budeanu, Elena Hasna, Renate Grad and Sara Chiavegato were the four competitors who scored the stage on the first night of # 39; knock knockers. Andra gave Marius Moga advice on the interpretation of his competitors.

Cristina Budeanu He played the song "We Found Love".

"You have a very good voice, I think you fit into music," said Smiley's competition.

Elena Hasna the stage climate and the audience captured the song "Strongest".

Renate Degree Playing "I do not think about you". Smiley seemed to score a whole, but the moment came very well.

"Sell nice moment," said Tudor, when he added that he had a lot of fears for his taste.

Andra's first release was Elena Hasna.

Sara Chivegato song "Runnin" (Naughty Boy ft Beyonce). The trainer gave his players an extra tactical briefing in the same day of the team Andra.

Smiley liked the song. Instead, Irina would have grave with her stage and musical performance.

Andra has chosen to continue with Renate Grad and Sara Chiavegato.

The Smiley Team

Bogdan Ioan, Dalina Nemeş, Vitalie Maciunschi and Diana Strat were the four competitors who climbed the sce on the first night of knockout knockouts. Smiley had Damian Drăghici for advice on the interpretation of competitors.

Bogdan Ioan He played the song "Everything I Want" (Kodaline). Although the coaches still have to listen, Bogdan has demonstrated that he could play other songs, not just Michael Jackson.

"I love to be loved," Irina told the competitor.

The emergence of a tender a Dalin is complemented by a neat and fresh interpretation. The match was played by George Ezra, "Budapest".

"You are bound to my soul with this song!" Commented Irina.

And Andra praised the choice of the song:

"I love the choice of the song really."

Vitalie Maciunschi He wanted to play rock and Smiley followed this dream. At the clock the champions played the song "The Cranberries". The coaches were very pleased with the moment.

"It's so strange that you are not in my team," Andra had to say.

Smiley's first elimination was Dalina Nemeş.

Diana Strat the first night of knockouts. The control was kept by Smiley song "Titanium" (David Guetta ft Sia).

Smiley selected for Bogdan Ioan and Vitalie Maciunschi.

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