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The detail that Samsung didn't know about the future phone it was launching

Samsung to launch new phones for autumn. They are part of the Galaxy Note series, and for the first time there will be two versions, according to most Romanians. So we need to have Notes 10 and 10 Pro. Now, I've learned valuable information about the batteries that don't use the phones. They will not all like everybody. Sure, the information is not official, but so far the dishes have become amazing.

The battery details of the new Samsung phone come from KTR (Korea Testing and Research Institute), the authority of all electronic products.

The battery of one of the phones, probably the Pro model, has a capacity of 4170 mAh and can also be specified for the 5G module. To check that the battery is part of the 2019 Notation series, its code contains whatever model it has made there. For example, Note 9 batteries are marked with the EB-N965ABU or the Galaxy S10 with the EB-G973ABU.

To understand more, you need to know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series starts with the N970. However, it is reserved for version 4G. The battery for which information is now online is marked with the code EB-BN972ABU. This made a lot of a conclusion that it belongs to the 5G version of & # 39; a Galaxy Note 10.

Battery capacity would be lower than expected for this model. With a capacity axis, it is only 170 mAh higher than that on Note 9.

It's not enough. First, the battery-powered device is much larger: it will come in at a 6.75-inch screen. Secondly, it should also be considered that the battery would be made for version 5G of Note 10.

Until then, Samsung already has a Galaxy S10 with 5G, but also 4G versions on lower prices. The 5G model is only in South Korea.



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