Tuesday , June 15 2021

TCL will also launch TVs with Google TV in Romania

TCL announced the launch of a series of TCL Google TVs for TCL customers, starting with those in the United States of America and continuing, in line with the company’s development strategy, with other countries, including Romania.

What is Google TV

Google TV is an online television service running on the Android operating system. As a result, television and Internet offer consumers a unique experience of content-level interaction.

Basically, through this service you can customize your cyclists to your preferences, change the classic remote control with voice control, and the TV listens to you and gives you what you ask for. In addition, you can connect it to other video devices, so that you can see at any time via a voice control what is happening on the surveillance cameras, for example.

Partnership between TCL and Google TV

TCL-Google TVs will combine TCL’s display technologies, such as Mini-LED, 8K and QLED, with Google’s offering to give users easier and faster access to their favorite content with high quality images. Play via TCL displays.

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