Monday , November 29 2021

School Alarm! Dozens of children sent home, contact sickness


Dozens of primary school children were sent home when they contacted a contact person who can be very dangerous. The authorities have said it is an outbreak and asked the school population to take the measures found by the law.

The first cases were found in October, then at the beginning of November, a few more. Now, at # 39 and in shock, there are 30 red babies infected children who were sent home. Most are in a third class.

Infectious children are not allowed to leave the community for at least two weeks, but this does not mean that the source of infection is isolated.

Varicella is a whole-bodied disease that despises many people, categorize them as "childhood", but it can cause a total serious complication that lives alive.

What measures have taken the authorities, the seriousness of the situation is at school, which complications can cause varicella and how to do it, learn from DC MEDICAL.RO.

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