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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9. A new serious problem is reported by customers only a few months after it was sold by the Korean company, and unfortunately, he has serious questions about the quality of the phones. Presently, Samsung's GALAXY NOTE 9 phones reported that the main camera also blocks you when you retrieve photos or photos, whatever it is with the iPhone.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9. The same happens independently whether the used Android application for photo and video is used, or if a third party application is used to use the camera. The number of those who complain about this issue are very large, with dozens of discussion threads being on official US forums of Samsung, so it is clear that Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 is a great, but only the chip version Snapdragon 845 influences .

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9. GRAVE PROBLEM Reported by clients

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9. One of the solutions to temporarily resolve the problem involves the prevention of & quot; a cache for the participation of the operating system, but the problem returns within a few days and the procedure must be repeated. Of course, the updates issued for Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 have no problem with the problem, so users need to be tired of phones that do not fully operate their features when they buy them when they buy them.

Early reports on the karmax of Galaxy Note 9 from & # 39; The free position came shortly after the phone was released in August. Some users complain about Samsung's official forums that the camera was free when photos were audited. They also reported a lot of losses when taking videos.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9. Until now, Samsung has never been concerned about the problem, it seems that South Korean engineers are working to establish it right now. A special update for Samsung GALAXY Note 9 will be started by the Korean, and should normally bring it, but it is not yet known when it's time to get the world to know the # 39 The phones bought.

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