Thursday , January 20 2022

SAMSUNG. Full income for required workers


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Samsung. More than 10 years after Korean companies have begun to complain because they shine their illness in Korean factories, they are finally coming out with the first compensation. It is asserted that more than 200 collectors have been put into candles made to make fabrics for LCD screens and chips for various electronic devices, but Samsung never recognizes the problems.

Samsung. After long negotiations with an organization called SHARPS, the Koreans were paying compensation for payments up to $ 130,000 for any illness they learn. The organization was founded by the parent of a Samsung sampler who was deceased from leukemia that was ill in one of the # and the Samsung's factories, and now the rest of the involved or their families have the compensation they have received without scandal.

Samsung. About 130,000 euros for any illness

Samsung. From 200 employees working in psychotherapy in & nbsp; South Korea's factories would have died 70 so far, and their families will get these compensation, although they will come a lot later when they need to. Also, under these circumstances, at least, Samsung has finally made an end to doing so, although some of the sayings have failed successfully the company, so the degree itself is great in all respects .

Samsung Electronics Co. A formal accident has been made Friday for all victims of employment that have been working on the company and producing production lines, focusing on the longing conflict that lasted more than one decade. Earlier this month, the mediation committee informed the settlement that a compensation of up to 150 million won (in $ 132,000) per illness. The compensation plan also includes sensitive disease that reads of children of victim's victims.

Samsung. Although the company holds hundreds of millions of dollars in the year, and benefits from dozens of millions of dollars, the term of compensation is October 31, 2028, and until then many of them are usually affected. Unfortunately, Samsung has solved the problems that his employees have caused them to become sick before preventing other people and is now in a position that does not worry about the life of a people who make it.

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