Monday , October 25 2021

Primary Reacion of Alba Iulia după C.T. Popescu a criticat "Monument Facebook" al Marii Uniri


Mircea Hava, primarul din Alba Iulia, has reacted with the journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu to criticize the monument of Marii Uniri, who has been responsible for the "Facebook Monument" of the news that has been circulated with the social networking logo.

In the original replica of Alba Iulia declares that his ministers will not be able to go to the most important monument to the Monument to Marii Uniri, along with the artist's artworks in concert. Mircea It is now possible that they can be contracted on Cristian Tudor Popescu and declare that "the sentiments of the unfortunate acne" are.

"No one has to look back, but I have not been criticized. Domnul Popescu and the dinner shop have taken care of the monumental address or the consummate power. A făcut-o în stil propriu, şi apel şi ar fi fost culmea să se abţină. And the sentiment of a new one is unacceptable. They accepted the bigger and imposing scarcity of lucrative events in the face or the coma. It's a good idea to have other artifacts in our ministry and other options to simulate Unirea " and scris Mircea Hava, potrivit G4Media.

Ulterior, primarily recovered and sent a message with "provoking" addressing Mark Zuckerberg, and with a general secretary address on the PSD Codrin Ştefănescu. "The mark of Zuckerberg marks the position in the form of" Alta Carolina Cetate "in Facebook. Aşa e corect, să fie reciprocitate! PS: Iniţial, PSDiştii voiau să semene cu capul lui Codrin Ştefănescu, dar nu accepte pornoşaguri în cetatea mea. ", a scris Mircea Hava.

"There are times when this day is about to break into a treadmill, stay in the middle of it. Cred are very trustworthy, because they are the only one. Curbate in the top of the list, so that they can look at the 'Facebook monument'. E-mail this page on Facebook.

Avid catedrala ortodoxă ande s-au încoronat Ferdinand and Maria. What do you have to worry about when you're crazy? Ce caută crucea? Ăsta e simbolul unirii? Trei cruci? Crucea e simbolul creştinilor din România, din Ardeal, Moldova şi Ţara Românească. This is a simulator that has been used as a weapon for the Romans Romance, it is a symbol of magiarilor, which works with the armies of Marii Uniri in 1918 ", a spur jurnalistul Cristian Tudor Popescu la Digi24.

There are currently no net presentations for Cristian Tudor Popescu to Digi24

The monument of Alba Iulia has cost 20 millions of dollars and is located in a block of metropolitan area (22 meters), concrete door. Arhitectul columns are sculptor Mihai Buculei, după ce a câştigat concursul naţional de creaţie pentru ridicarea Monumentului Unităţii Naţionale, organizat de Ministerul Culturii. The contract for realizing the monument was completed in the month of June and had a total of 10,209,700 readings.


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