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PHOTOGALLERY SPECTACULOASĂ. Mall-ul NEPI, imagined in the interior. Cu 7 miles inaugurării


Offices of Shopping City Satu Mare – Mall of the Rocky Rock NEPI – the precaution that will make it a reality. Since the beginning of the data was released on December 6, it was the beginning of the data of 5 decembrie.

The pre-existing ones are final, and the PresaSM presents it is a sturdy lucrative.

"The most important thing in this region is to devote myself to devotion! For the sake of intelligence and the number is imprinting, Shopping City Satu Mare has the right to make a fortune, and its shopping center is inaugurated with its most decimate decision. As you go, Shopping City Satu Mare is waiting for you in the morning of Moess Nicolae, at 5 am, starting at 10:00 am, this is the official website of the NEPI.

Special Offer of the brand-urile of NEPI:

Altex – ofertă specială, Animax – discount 10%, Ares – discount între 5-10%, Benvenuti – Discounts up to 40%, Bianco Milano – discount 50%, restaurant Capricci – Reduce 10% CCC – discount of 20%, Compas – Reduce 15% Creacion by Raluca Muresan – oferă cadouri, Deichmann – reduce 30%, DM – cuponuri cadou, FestiLand – distracţii gratuite şi dulciuri, Ginette – discount of 30%, Hervis – super reduceri, KFC – special prices, Children's Corner – discount of 15%, La Vera Pizzeria – surprised special, LC Waikiki – Reduces 20%, New Yorker – cadou, NobilaCasa – discount of 10%, Noriel – discount of 20%, Optiplaza – Reduce 25%, Orsay – Reduce 20% Pepco – special prices, SENSIBLU – cadouri, SMYK – discount of 20%, Partor – discount of 20%, Top Shop – special offers, TUI Travel Center – cadouri de călătorie, Unique – discount of 10%, Vodafone – preţuri specile, Xara Shoes – Reduces 30%, Yves Rocher – cadouri.

You will receive a confirmation number in the prezent:

Carrefour, Altex, Pepco, Dinoland, One, Kendra, Hervis, Litera, CCC, Benvenuti, Office Shoes, New Yorkers, BSB, Douglas, LC Waikiki, Meli Melo, Nobila Casa, Orsay, Tom Tailor, Optiplaza, Xara Shoes, Kenvelo , SMYK, Salamander, Unique, Noriel, Splend`Or, Ares, DM, Cador, Creacion by Raluca Muresan, Banca Transilvania, Intersport, Sensiblu, Contac, 5ASEC, Silca, Animax, Cupio, Orange, Vodafone, Vitamix, Tui Travelcenter, La Vera Pizzeria, Inmedio, Magic World, Children's Corner, KFC, Deichman, Yves Rocher, Bianco Milano, BSB, Restaurant Caprici, In Street, Penti, Samsonite, Cofetăria Daniel, Festivals, Million, Dabo Doner, Mesopotamia.

Parterul Shopping City

Etajul Shopping City

Before you, the asemenea, the official program of the NEPI Rockcastle shopping malls! Aşadar, din 5 decembrie, Shopping City Satu Mare şi deschide porţile.

Sâmbătă, pe 8 decembrie, It's a ton of distractions with streetdance and breakdance, and after 20.00 will be Lidia Buble!

Surprised now they are opresc aici. Duminică, 9 decembrie, sunt programate două mega concerte: R.U.A. Arrived at 18:30 and Smiley, starting at 20:00.

Program completed al evenimentelor:

Sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2018:

16:15 – 16:45: Spectacular dance – Open Wings Street Dance;
16:45 – 17:25: Şcoala Populară de Arte;
17:30 – 18:30: Spectacol Royal Team;
18:45 – 19:45: Spectacol Petrică Mureşan şi orchestra;
20:00 – 21:00: Concert live Lidia Buble.

Duminică, 9 decembrie 2018:

16:20 – 17:00: Demonstration lifts – CS Cetate Ardud;
17:15 – 18:15: Spectacol XXL Band;
18:30 – 19:30: Concert live R.U.A .;
20:00 – 21:00: Concert live SMILEY.

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