Wednesday , December 8 2021

Performers known for ANAF give up music.


The famous soloist is snooping around because of ANAF's action aimed at taxing the singer's income. Robert Gavrilescu is a serious handicapped person in wheelchairs. He benefits from a pension for suffering diseases. However, this law prohibits accumulating pensions in other income. So to avoid being in danger of losing his pension, Robert announced that he gave up on the Facebook page. He is a very popular soloist. "My love, because of medical problems, but I decided to" clean "in the A-Waiter world.NAF, I decided to have a career of 24 years in the music field.Unfortunately, people with Grade 1 disability allow other income This privilege is granted only by the governor in Romania where I can not accumulate the annuity I have. I am in a situation where I choose a pension of 640 ra and other income … I chose the annuity … the song is in a religious position in Romania (…) Thanks to good music, thanks to my good colleagues … (…) I am experiencing my life.

Grandma supports learning songs

Robert is owed to his grandmother who sold cows to buy an institution that would jump from puberty and perform everything. "As a shoemaker and shoemaker, I could not practice because I did not like the job I taught, and my grandmother gave me a toy organ, because she saw her musical tendencies. I learned how to play my organs On the first day I learned to play two songs with toys In that toy, my grandmother, I knew I was going on and I sold a cow and bought a professional body. I owe my launch and everything.I decided to play this rehearsal for three years at home at the age of 20 and I decided it was time to use this passion as a job. "Robert tells us. Robert has been paralyzed for nearly two years after vaccination against polio.

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