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Ozana Barabbas mourns. One loved losing battle with his life


During learning the sad news is that journalist Teodora Maracineanu died, Ozana Barabance goes to tears. On the day the 25-year-old was injured in the gym, the star shared the event with the fans. Until now, he did not publish a message in Teo's memory.

Ozana Barabbas mourns. One loved losing battle with his life

Ozana Baraban and all those who met, Teo constantly prayed and hoped that her young body could overcome health problems. Unfortunately, this did not happen and today the journalist has left this world. On the day he learned about the incident in the gym, "I know from somewhere!" Sworn posted the psychological story of Teodora Maracineanu on Facebook.

Teodora Maracineanu, an emotional interview about six months before her death

As a stylist at the Marie Claire magazine, a talented young man appeared in early May in an article that lists an extremely interesting list: "10 things I've learned over the past 10 years."

On the Internet, Teo admitted: "(…). You would always go through all the ideas that came to me in the past 10 years, all I learned and enjoyed. All the experience came from good and bad but most important with open doors and new perspectives. (…).

In any case, the following list represents the most useful ideas that have caused many unpleasant situations and which at the moment serve as the basis for my choices. Hope to inspire you!

1. Love does not last for only three years.

2. Destructive to regret something that made you happy sometime and provided the best thing you can do for yourself.

3. There are people who really deserve the second chance.

4. Loneliness can be extremely productive and the greatest passions are growing when you are alone or alone. And that's enough.

5. Art is the most beautiful escapada. Anytime, anywhere and in any way.

6. Regular travel is essential.

7. Sociology and psychology are one of the most complex and most interesting sciences.

8. The sense of humor can tell a person.

9. A good book can change your life

10. Small things count for ", fit

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