Monday , January 30 2023

Mouse and keyboard support is provided on the Xbox One console.


Microsoft used the presentation at the X018 event in Mexico last weekend From next week, mouse and keyboard support will officially be implemented on the Xbox One console.. Therefore, the decision to provide alternative control techniques specifically developed for PC-specific peripherals At the discretion of the producerYou can freely choose whether or not to provide mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One titles.

One of the first games to replicate mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One is popular Fortnite, Epic Games producers A separate server for users of this control method, But do not give up on people who prefer to gamble with the gamepad. Other Titles Bomber crew, Deep Rock Galaxy, A strange brigade, Vermintide 2, War thunder or X-Morph Defense You will receive mouse and keyboard support from Xbox One in November of this year.

Finally, we have confirmed that other Xbox 1 games will soon offer mouse and keyboard support. Children of mortar, Days, Minion Master, A sidekick, vigor, Warface or Wargroove. Such a series begins. Xbox One and Windows 10 official peripheralsMade by the company Razer's.

competitor Sony, Represented by a range of consoles Playstation 4We already provide support for mice and keyboards, and in the case of PS4 games, the implementation of these controls remains at the manufacturer's latitude.

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