Monday , November 29 2021

Mirela Vaida, "Everything for Love – Good and Hard", Expected to End


The fourth series of participants and the bachelor town Bogdan Iordache reached today at the end of # 39; Two weeks in "Everything for Love" home, in which someone with this time of # 39; show reality "Everything for Love – Good and Hard," presented by Mirela Vaida with Dodo Mesaroş, ends.

"If you really know, is the last edition of this day, thank you very much for being with us. I also thank the team" Everything for Love "for the overwhelming energy, because reality reality is the fastest TV format," said Mirela Vaida. The last edition was a surprise, the lovers of 'three girls, A relationship has set a bet for this time. They have determined that as one of their partners manages the pseudonym to choose and break the pricing chain that is alleged by single-girls, then this girl is asked for live marriage. What happened because Bogdan Iordache chose Catalina, convinced him that she was alone, despite the fact that she came with her friend Cosmin.


Premiere: The bachelor lost

For the first time, the bachelor lost the great price of 5000 euro, won by Cătălina and Cosmin. The end of the last edition of # 39; The real reality was very exciting, the fact that in a marriage appeal, live. "I did not have any emotions, that's what I thought was 100% I could call her a stone house, if they won this prize, they saw that they needed them," said Bogdan Iordache.

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